• About Us

         Sequoia Tree Service LLC. was founded by Gary D. Kaercher Jr. in the summer of 2012. After having had a start in the tree care industry exploring the dense timber regions of northern Michigan on the Canada border at the young age of five with his uncle who worked for the United States Forestry Service, and Gary’s father who often worked alongside him, Gary's roots exploring tree's started early in life. Gary has also spent time working on his families trees (felling by hand with an axe) up in the mountains of North Carolina along the Tennessee border.

        After having moved to Northern California in the late 1990’s from Boston, MA Gary held a career in the tech sector of Silicon Valley. However after the natural and intrinsic instinct to get back to his roots he began a career in the tree care industry, where he started out as a ground man, quickly worked his way up to climber, and than foreman. Most notably though he held the role of Chief Operations Officer for one of the oldest tree services in Northern California working for one of the states most prominent arborists. Gary has also worked as an independent contractor for several reputable Bay Area Arborists and Tree Services.

        Currently Gary D. Kaercher Jr. holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University, & an Associates degree in Liberal Arts from Berkeley City College. As well Gary D. Kaercher Jr. is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture. His academic initiatives and interests include preparing for the ISA Certified Arborists exam, the California State Contractors licensing exam, tree research in Urban Forestry, tree biology and structural pathology, and carbon sequestration in trees.